French and Spanish

Faculty of:

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Head of Faculty:
Mr D. Bahier

Members of staff:

  • Ms J. McGeoch (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Ms N. Robinson (Head of Bengali)
  • Ms S. El Messaoudi (School Councillor and deputy hear of year)
  • Ms A. Eynard-Machet (Family lead and Stepney Partnership coordinator)

About the department:

The Modern Foreign Languages Faculty consists of 5 teaching staff. French or Spanish is taught to all Year 7 pupils for 3 lessons a week and in year 8 students choose to continue with the same subject or choose Bengali.

The Faculty occupies 5 classrooms in the new building and two conference rooms which are suitable for conversation classes with small groups of students.  All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and sound. Additionally, one of the classrooms is equipped with 30 network computer stations.

Key stage 3 Curriculum:

KS3 is well-resourced, using Studio 1-2 to support the French curriculum and Viva 1-2 to support the Spanish curriculum.  We create most of our own resources, and have access to many online resources.  

MyselfMy school
My familyMy town
My hobbiesA visit to Paris
Where I livePast holidays
MyselfMy family and friends

My hobbies
My town
My schoolMy holidays


Key stage 4 Curriculum:

In year 9 students follow the KS3 national curriculum as well as studying 3 topics related to the GCSE course. In year 10 and 11 the exam board used is AQA GCSE French Full Course (8658) and Spanish Full Course (8698).

The Final Assessment consists of 4 test papers: Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing which are taken in the final term of year 11.

Studio AQA GCSE is used to support the GCSE French learning and Viva AQA GCSE for the Spanish.  In GCSE French and Spanish students study the following areas:

Theme 1 – Identity and Culture

  • Myself: Interests and influences
  • Talking about what you usually do
  • Talking about sports
  • Talking about what is trending
  • Discussing different types of entertainment
  • Talking about who inspires you
  • Technology in everyday life
  • Talking about social networks
  • Making arrangements
  • Talking about reading preferences
  • Describing people
  • Talking about friends and family
  • Customs and Traditions
  • Talking about typical food
  • Comparing different festivals
  • Describing a special day
  • Ordering at a restaurant
  • Talking about a music festival

Theme 2 – Local, national, international and global areas of interest

  • My city
  • Describing the features of a region
  • Planning what to do
  • Shopping for clothes and presents
  • Talking about problems in a town
  • Describing a visit in the past
  • My holidays
  • Talking about holiday preferences
  • Saying what you did on holiday
  • Describing where you stayed
  • Booking accommodation and dealing with problems
  • Giving an account of holidays in the past
  • Our planet
  • Considering global issues
  • Talking about local actions
  • Discussing healthy lifestyles
  • Talking about international sporting events
  • Talking about natural disasters

Theme 3 – Current and future study and employment  

  • My life at school
  • Talking about subjects and teachers
  • Describing your school
  • Talking about school rules and problems
  • Talking about plans for a school exchange
  • Talking about activities and achievement
  • Get to work!
  • Talking about how you earn money
  • Talking about work experience
  • Talking about the importance of learning languages
  • Applying for a summer job
  • Discussing gap years
  • Discussing plans for the future

The department offers many extra-curricular opportunities to the students. 

Pupils studying Spanish have had the opportunity to spend a week in the Barcelona region taking part in cultural visits and those studying French can visit Paris for 4 days.

Also Year 7 pupils spend a day in Boulogne in the summer term. 

In addition, this year the faculty is planning to take KS4 pupils to subject specific conferences.

This year the faculty is also planning a cross-curricular G and T visit to the Wallace Collection.

The department also offers booster sessions for year 11 at lunch during the spring term and regular school holidays intervention during half terms.

Yr12 also have the opportunity to study French at AS and A level as part of the enrichment programme in the VIth form. 

Electronic learning: