Art and Graphics

Faculty of:

Art, Design & Technology

Head of Faculty:

  • Mr P. Davidson

Members of staff:

  • Mr P. Copson – Deputy Head Teacher
  • Ms T. Swift – KS5 Coordinator
  • Mr J. Sitek

About the faculty:

The Art, Graphics and DT Faculty has a mission of stimulating and developing student’s creativity and practical skills. Students will be introduced to many established artists and designers. They will be given guidance in responding to challenging project tasks. This helps them to become confident in using different media to express their ideas and visions.

Key stage 3 Curriculum:


Year 7

Autumn Term – Self-portraits and Colour Theory

Spring term – Surrealism

Summer Term – Mythical Beasts

Year 8

Autumn Term – Cubism Sculptures

Spring term – Pop Art Printing

Summer Term – Anti bullying posters (Graphic Design)


In KS3, DT Projects are taught on a rotation.  Throughout the year each group will complete all of the projects below:

Year 7

Textiles projects – Sock Creatures or Tapestries

Acrylic Key Tags

Chocolate bar Packaging designs

Jigsaw puzzles

Year 8

Pewter Cast medallions

T-Shirt Silk-screen Printing

Textile Sculptures

Car designs

Clock Designs

Key stage 4 Curriculum:

Year 9 Cultural Capital Days

All of year 9 will take part in 6 one day activities. This is to ensure that all students continue to have a rich and broad curriculum in year 9

Each day has a specific issue based theme, and work produced will be used to create displays for the school environment.

Day 1 – Environment, focussing on endangered species

Day 2 – Climate Change, focussing on environment 

Day 3 – Community

Day 4 – Multiculturalism

Day 5 – Olympics

Art and Graphics

AQA Syllabi:

Key stage 5 Curriculum:

We offer:


Clubs and trips are run by staff to help students gain a full understanding of context. Students get the opportunity to develop their work.

An annual exhibition will be started in 2015 to showcase the student’s creative work and broaden the community’s appreciation of Art and Design. 

Graphics Animation 

Electronic learning:

Art and Design

History of Art

Vincent Van Gogh

Cubism & Surrealism

Design inspiration