Teaching & Learning

What do you know about Stepney Green Sixth Form

Expert teaching

Our dedicated teachers have excellent subject knowledge and they can offer you guidance and support in developing your skills, confidence and examination techniques.

Through a supportive and inspiring style of teaching and mentoring we ensure you are prepared thoroughly for your on-going assessments and examinations and can approach them in a relaxed and confident manner.

During your time at the sixth form you will also gain all important study skills that will benefit you at a higher level of study should you choose to go on to university.

We continually look to develop our provision further and look for innovative approaches that will add to and enhance our already outstanding teaching and provision. We are always keen to integrate new technology into our practise where it can be shown to have a positive impact on student attainment.

You will be joining the Sixth Form in order to maximise your academic potential and we are passionate about helping to ensure this.  Your teachers will all be experts in their respective fields, sharing their knowledge with you through innovative and inspiring lessons.  You will be encouraged to discover things for yourself and ask questions to deepen your learning.

Subject teachers will stretch and challenge you and you are expected to work hard in return.  Our teaching staff will go that extra mile to support you outside of your lessons, meeting with you in study periods, at lunchtimes and after school to reinforce your learning.

Assessment and monitoring progress: The Assessment Cycle

At Stepney Green College we have introduced a new system to assess the progress of our students: the Assessment Cycle.

The progress of our sixth formers will be closely monitored through a cyclic process of lessons, assessments, reviews and moderations as shown below.

1. Deliver

Students participate in lessons

1. Delivery of lessons according to SOW
1. To ensure resources are available for teachers
2. SOW is available to teachers
 1. To ensure good quality of teaching is taking place
2. Assess

1. Class tests/assignments
2. Assessment point tests
1. Class assessments logged in data tracking sheet
2. AP tests conducted in class
1. Monitor the teachers data entry into data tracking sheets
2. Monitor student progress
 1. Overview on student progress
3. Mark
1. Ongoing feedback is reflected apon1. Teachers mark the papers (marking of work is ongoing)1. Ensure marking is ongoing
1. Overview on marking
4. Moderate

 1. Teachers moderate together and adjust marks (if necessary)
2. Revisit marking (if necessary)
3. Enter grades into Sims
1. Ensure grades are entered into Sims.

5. Review

1. Students reflect on their marks from AP tests and respond to teacher feedback (Response proforma attached to AP tests

1. Teachers reflect on marking & identify area(s) of weaknesses for the students (could vary between teachers)
2. Plan for Reteach & redo” week
1. Offer support, where necessary, for planning of “Reteach & Redo” week
2. Review grades from data-tracking sheets & Sims – identify students who require intervention
1. Overview of planning
2. Ensure coordinators have an intervention list

6. Reteach & Redo1. Students have opportunity to redraft or consolidate understanding1. Teachers reteach topics (a week allocated – all teachers reteach during this week)1. Ensure all Reteach or Redo during this week
7. Intervene

1. Students to attend all intervention programmes (attendance of intervention linked to bursary)
2. Some students to “buddy-up” with peers to offer support
1. Teachers identify students who need further support

1. Coordinators deliver, or organise the delivery of, interventions
2. Coordinators monitor attendance and progress of these individuals, by having learning conversations with each of them (fill in LC proforma)
1. To ensure students are attending interventions (taking appropriate action where necessary)
8. Design

 1. Revise curriculum design & make adjustments to SOW (What went well, Even better if…)1. Line management meeting between HOD & Coordinators
9. Approve

 1. Share and approve adjustments with rest of department during faculty/departmental meeting  

There will be 3 Assessment Points in one academic year and this system will help you to understand how you are performing in each subject and whether you are on the right path to achieve your AS or A2 Targets.

 Stepney Green Sixth Form Study Programme

All Stepney Green Sixth Form study programmes are designed to provide our students with a structured and challenging learning experience that supports their development and progression in line with their career plans. Study programmes are individually tailored but typically combine the elements below:

  1. Substantial qualifications that stretch our students and prepare them for education at the next level or for employment
  2. English and mathematics where students have not yet achieved a GCSE grade 4
  3. Work experience to give students the opportunity to develop their career choices and to apply their skills in real working conditions
  4. Other non-qualification activity which develop students character, broader skills, attitudes and confidence, and to support progression

Core aim of a study programme

Every study programme has a core aim. This is the principal activity or core purpose of a student’s programme and it is usually the component that has the largest number of planned hours.

The core aim for our students is one or more substantial academic, applied or technical qualification which prepares our students for higher education or employment.

The core aim is agreed with the student. It generally remains unchanged during the year, although exceptions may be made where, for example, a student finds they have made the wrong programme choice and transfers to an alternative programme.

The remainder of the study programme complements the core aim. At Stepney we provide a rich programme of enrichment which is designed to develop our students confidence, broader experience and inter- personal skills.

Planned hours

Each study programme consists of a number of planned hours, hours that are timetabled and supervised.

The Stepney Green Sixth Form study programme is full-time. This allows sufficient time to deliver the principles above