Extended Schools

At Stepney Green, we are proud of our extended provision for pupils. Our PE department offer a variety of sporting activities and provision, both on-site and off-site, including access to the fabulous gym and cardio-suite facilities. In addition, all year groups have the opportunity to go on trips, as part of their curriculum and extended provision. 

Past trips have varied from going on the Tall Ships Voyage, visiting the Cenotaph, universities, businesses, theatres, Police Cadets onsite, and much more. Our Library is usually open from 07.30 am – 5.00 pm, offering a safe study space and ICT facilities. Individual departments offer lunchtime clubs and after school intervention to support pupils with their academic learning.

Due to COVID-19 arrangements, 2020-21 is a very different year.  All trips have been suspended at present, as are many of the clubs and activities.  Pupils remain within their bubbles and allocated space, as safety is of first importance for pupils and families.  We are supporting students the best we can, so thank you for your patience and support during this difficult year.


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