School Council

Be the change you want to see in the world.

– Mahatma Ghandi

A message from the Student voice co-ordinator:

Stepney Green computing, Maths and science college is a micro society itself. Therefore, it is obvious for us, as a school, that the School council follows the example of our Parliament.

By following the example of Parliament, firstly, we are enabling students to understand the concept of democracy, they also learn to be active members of the school and finally we aim to make them understand that change won’t happen unless they change themselves.

We believe that it is essential that our school has students who are not only successful academically but who also take part in the improvement of their community and are good citizens.

– Ms El-Messaoudi

What is School council? 

The school council is a group of student from each year group elected by pupils in the school.

The purpose is to represent the views of the pupils, and through regular meetings with the Senior Leadership Team, communicate and implement improvement. 

School councillors are the link between the students and the Senior Leadership team and work hard to make sure the voice of the students is heard.

What does it take to be a school councillor?

School councillor elections cycle

The school council cycle