1. Video Walkthrough
  2. A Day at Stepney Green
  3. Rewards & Expectations
  4. Sport at Stepney Green

Dear Year 6 pupil,

We are excited to meet you in September 2021, as you begin your Secondary School journey. It would be great, if you could join us in school for your taster day, but as that is not possible, we have put together this mini-site, which includes key information and a video walkthrough of the school.

We hope you find these resources useful and we encourage you to enter our competition, please see details below.

Mr F Patel – Head of Year 7

Video Walkthrough of Stepney Green School


Design a Shield to Represent Your New Form!

At our school, your form group will be the people you see every single day. In registration periods you will be in forms, and it is in these groups that you will compete with the rest of the school for eBehaviour points.

You have the chance to earn some points before you even get here! We would like you to design a badge for your new form group. The designer of the best badge will have eBehaviour points awarded when you arrive; and your form will be represented by your badge! You may use a computer, or draw your own badge, just bring it with you on your first day with your name clearly on the back.

Think about what is important to you, and what would make a strong form group.

For some ideas we have added some helpful words to get you started;

Honesty, respect, kindness, equality, diversity, hard work, achievement, effort, politeness, sharing, resilience, dedication, responsibility, integrity, bravery, morals, role models, peace.