What makes being a Stepney Green Sixth Former a Privilege?

We provide additional teaching hours for each A Level and BTEC, you will be guaranteed  extra taught learning time over and above what exam boards recommend. We understand that the Sixth Form years are pressurised. There is a lot of content to cover and new concepts to grasp. To ensure you achieve high grades we have put in additional resources to allow enough time for teachers to teach in depth and to support you when you need it.

There is a well-established leadership programme, Stepney Green Sixth Form students take up leadership positions in the student body and help to shape the workings of Stepney Green School as a whole. It is important for us to take the views of the students on board.

We have very high expectations of our sixth form students we expect them to achieve places at top universities. There is a structured Higher Education Programme to support students in their applications. We work with Claire College, Cambridge and Wadham College, Oxford and other Russell Group Universities.

Is there a Sixth Form uniform?

There is no uniform as such; Stepney Green Sixth Form students can choose what they wear to school. However, there is a dress code and we expect students to be smart and business like.

What time does the school day begin and end?

The official school day is from 8.35 am to 3.30 pm, timetabled lessons and registrations take place between these hours. Sixth form study facilities are available to sixth form students from 8.00 am until 6.00 pm and we encourage our students to make the best of these supervised facilities and to see our site as their campus.

We do allow students to leave the school site to have lunch if they wish.

Entry requirements?

These are set out in subject prospectus.

How do I know which subjects to choose?

You will have an idea about what you wish to study based your predicted GCSE grades and your interests. It is crucial that you make the right decisions about what to study; choices will impact on your future university course and career pathway. At Stepney Green we give informed advice and guidance to help you make this important decision. There are several opportunities to discuss options with members of the Stepney Green Sixth Form Team, from the first learning conversation in January to enrolment in August. You are able to change your plans throughout this process, with final courses being confirmed at the start of September.

What do the courses I am interested in contain?

Examination board websites also offer information about content of the syllabuses and the assessment criteria.

What enrichment opportunities are available to Stepney Green Sixth Form students?

We want our students to work hard and achieve excellent grades so study takes priority; however, we recognise the importance of enrichment activities. There are many opportunities for students to pursue their interests and develop new ones! We are keen to allow students to shape the programme which changes from year to year.

Fantastic sports facilities which are open to sixth form students, Stepney Green sports staff offer a whole variety of sports and sixth form students are given the opportunity to gain coaching awards in rowing and football, for example: Fund raising

Is there any financial support available?

We offer financial support to our sixth form students through the Stepney Green Sixth Form Bursary.