A-Level Further Maths

Finance/Economics, Teaching, Computing, Chartered Accountants, Medical Statistics, Cryptography internet, credit cards, Structural Engineers, Space Research. In fact, at some level, nearly every profession needs mathematicians.

A-Level Further Maths will make the transition to a mathematics-related university course easier. If you are considering a degree in mathematics, physics, engineering or computing at a highly competitive university you are strongly advised to study further mathematics.

A Level Further Maths Exam Board: Edexcel

A-Level Further Mathematics is an excellent foundation for both further study and employment. It opens doors to a variety of exciting careers.

Key Topics on Course

Further Maths: comprises 2 compulsory units: Core Pure Mathematics 1 & 2

Pupils have a choice of picking 1 combination out of the following:

FS1 + FD1

FP1 + FP2

FS1 + FM1

FS1 + FS2

FS1 + FP1

FD1 + FD2

FD1 + FM1

FM1 + FM2

A-Level Further Maths comprises 4 exams and must be taken in addition to A Level Mathematics. Most students would expect to study CP1 + CP2 along with 1 for each component of the combination above, although this obviously depends on modules taken at AS. Not all units are available in every academic year and we may vary the range of units available.

Method of Assessment

All units are assessed by examinations.

Qualifications on Offer

A2 Further Mathematics.

Links to Other Courses

Economics, Geography, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry etc.

Entry Requirements

Grade 7 and above in Maths GCSE