A-Level: Media Studies

Examination Board: OCR

The Media plays a central role in modern culture, society and politics and this course will foster the development of critical and reflective thinking to encourage engagement in the debates surrounding contemporary media.

This course will allow learners to study the media in an academic context and apply the knowledge and understanding gained to the process of creating their own media productions.

A Level in Media Studies is designed to widen the intellectual horizons of the learner through the analysis of both global and historical media.

Assessment Objectives

AO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • The theoretical framework.
  • Contexts of media and their influence on media products and processes.

AO2: Apply knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework of media to:

  • Analyse media products, including in relation to their contexts and through the use of academic theories.
  • Evaluate academic ideas and arguments.
  • Make judgements and draw conclusions.

AO3: Create cross-media products for an intended audience, by applying knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework of media to communicate meaning. (Only for NEA/ Coursework)

Course OutlineA-Level Weighting
Section A: The News In-depth study of contemporary news in the UK and the relationship between online and offline content.
Section B: Media Language and Representation Analysis of the representations within music video, magazines, advertising and marketing.
Exam: 35%
Section A: Media Industries and Audiences Understanding the industry of video games, film and radio and how audiences consume them.
Section B: Television Drama
In-depth case study of television as an evolving, global media form.
Exam: 35%
Non examination assessment/Coursework: Cross-Media product From a set of briefs students will create an original production within one selected media form (television, print, radio, music) across audio-visual and social media platforms.Coursework: 30%

Entry Requirements 

Grade 5 or above in English Language and English Literature GCSE