A-Level Maths

A Level Maths Exam Board: Edexcel

A-Level Mathematics is an excellent foundation for both further study and employment. It opens doors to a variety of exciting careers.

Key Topics on Course

Pure mathematics: consists of algebra and functions, equations and inequality, curve sketching, coordinate geometry, exponential and logarithm, trigonometry, parametric equations, differentiation and integration.

Statistics: consists of mathematical models in probability, summary statistics, the binomial and the normal distribution as well as hypothesis testing.

Mechanics: consists of constant and variable acceleration, forces and motion, projectiles and moments.

Method of Assessment

All units are assessed by examination.

A Level Maths Comprises 3 Units

Paper 1 Pure Mathematics 1 (2 hours/ 100 marks) Paper 2 Pure Mathematics 2 (2 hours/ 100 marks) Paper 3 Statistics & Mechanics (2 hours/ 100 marks)

The final grade for the AS-level is made up of two unit examinations on the work covered in the first year (P1 & SM1).

Links to Other Courses

Biology, Geography, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry etc.

Entry Requirements

A-level maths is a subject which can be very demanding and tests one’s ability to persevere. You will need to have strong algebraic skills to cope with the demands of this subject.

You will need to have grade 5 or above in GCSE Mathematics.