Exam and Assessment Results

We are very proud of our attainment which continues to rise.

Headlines Outcomes:

Will not be published and cannot be used for comparison externally.

Using 2019 Progress formula (70 to 79% national pass rate would affect outcome – half schools will always be below national average by design)

 CAGSAwarded 20202019 SG2019 National
Progress 8   -0.02
Attainment 8    
En & Ma 9-486%86% Not Published
En & Ma 9-566%66%58%43%
EBacc APS    
Entered Ebacc66%66%67%40%
English 9-4  79% 
English 9-580%80%63% 
Maths 9-4  83% 
Maths 9-5  57% 

Some CAGS increased in final award (notably Computer Science, History, Art & RE)

Results Summary 2020

Average Attainment 8 Grade(all subjects) Much Higher than National averageand Tower Hamlets
Grade 9 to 4 pass (equivalent to A* to C)
English GCSE83%  Considerably Higher than National and Tower Hamlets
English Literature GCSE92%
Maths GCSE93%
English & Maths GCSE86%
Triple Science GCSE x3(Chemistry Physics and Biology)  100%Higher Than National
2x Science GCSE79%   All Significantly Higher than National
History GCSE77%
Geography GCSE77%
Computer Science GCSE82%
Religious Education GCSE91%
Art and Design GCSE82%
Sports Studies GCSE92%
Business Studies GCSE71%
Top Grades  9 to 7 pass (equivalent to A to A*)
English GCSE30%    All Significantly Higher than National
English Literature GCSE35%
Maths GCSE34%
Chemistry GCSE60%
Physics GCSE52%
Biology GCSE56%
Double Science25%
History GCSE33%
Geography GCSE33%
Religious Education GCSE37%

Key Stage 4 Results (2019)

Attainment 8 Score52.18Well above national average
Progress 8 Score0.4Well above national average
  Compared to national figures, Stepney Green students achieve at nearly three quarters of a grade higher than elsewhere
Students entering EBacc67%Well above national average
9 – 4 EBacc38%Well above national average
Students staying in education or entering employment%Above national average
9 – 4           Basics
(English & Maths)                       
 80%(Well above national average)
9 – 5          Basics
(English & Maths)
 58%(Well above national average)
9 – 4       English 86%(Well above national average
9 – 4 Mathematics 83%(More than 20% above national average)                              
9 – 5     English 69%(Above national average)
9 – 5 Mathematics 56%(Above national average)
9 – 4 Biology 98%(Well above national average)
9 – 4 Chemistry 90%(Above national average)
9 – 4 Physics 98%(Well above national average)
9 – 4            Religious Education 80%(Well above national average)
9 – 4 Computer Science 80%(Well above national average)
9 – 4 History 70%(Above national average)
9 – 4 Art 80%(Above national average)
9 – 4 French71%(Above national average)
9 – 4 Business Studies69%(Above national average)


These figures are based on students who entered at least one A level or AS level

Progress 8 Score 0.05

 Average resultPoints
School / collegeC 29.60
Tower Hamlets state-funded schools / collegesC 30.38
England all schools schools / collegesC+ 33.33

Percentage of students completing their main study programme 

Number of students enrolled to study mainly A levels: 45

School / College86.7%
Local Authority Average92.3%
England Average92.5%

Academic qualifications include A levels but also other ‘level 3’ academic qualifications such as International Baccalaureates and Pre-U. These figures are based on students who were entered for at least one academic qualification that takes the same amount of time to study as an AS level or above.

Progress 8 Score 0.05

 Average ResultPoints
School / CollegeC29.60
Tower Hamlets State Funded Schools / CollegesC30.25
England all Schools / CollegesC+33.66

 Percentage of students completing their main study programme 

School / College 29.60%
Local Authority Average 30.25%
England Average 33.60%

Click here to view the DfE Performance Table for Stepney Green Maths, Computing & Science College.