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Year 13 Graduation

Tuesday 9th July, 2019

Huge Congratulations to our Year 13s. Friday 5th July marked their Graduation here at Stepney Green Sixth Form, although we will sadly miss our Year 13s we are very excited for them and their next ventures.


We have potential Doctors, Engineers, Computer Scientists, Sports Coaches, Artists, Business people and many more. From day one our Year 13s have shown a willingness to learn and to achieve. There is a sense of togetherness with this special year group, they have learned from one another, supported one another and celebrated their joy and happiness together.


Year 13s have been outstanding ambassadors in Stepney Green Maths, Computing and Science College and outside of College making every single member of staff in our school very proud.


It has been a huge pleasure to have been on this journey together and we wish our Year 13s the very best of luck and good health.